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Who of us hasn’t dreamt of taking an adventure vacation, of escaping from daily life for a short time, of escaping from one’s everyday routine? Of course there are always reasons not to do it: Limited vacation time, the family would like to spend vacation together and, not to mention the financial aspects. But for many of us this dream is still present and wants to be fulfilled.

In 1991, a year after the German border opened, Sven and I spontaneously packed our bicycles into the car and drove to Ribnitz Damgarten for a two-day bike tour along the coast of the Baltic Sea until we reached Zingst on the Darß. Inspired by this experience we immediately planned the next trip for the following year. And after this second trip, there was no doubt that a tradition was born for Sven. Nothing could have stopped or will stop us – not Sven’s moving to Copenhagen and subsequently Fort Lauderdale, or changes in his private life, and not even any world wars.

So Sven and I fulfilled our dream of an annual escape from the daily routine, (we started with a 2-day trip, and later took 7-day trips each year) by accomplishing our first route to the source of the river Elbe (1992 – 1996) and then our Atlantic Tour (1997 – 2009). You can find further details and reports on the “History” page.

In July 2010 we are going to start our new project, the “x-Europe-Tour”

This trip will take us form Glasgow to Istanbul during the next 13 years. You can keep track of our progress right here.

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